Ryan Fitzpatrick of the NY Jets earned himself his pay against the Buffalo Bills as he put up 374 yards, 1 touchdown and no interception in a 37-31 shootout win.  The Jets porous secondary kept the Bills in the game as Tyrod Taylor made a couple of big throws for 297 yards and 3 touchdowns.  However holding the Bills run game to 86 total yards, only 59 to McCoy, helped seal the victory.

Taylor, not one of the premier quarterbacks in the league this year, was helped by the lack of a pass rush and the Jets’ cornerbacks looking aged and slow, namely the supposed leader of the group and veteran Darrelle Revis.  They also allowed Buffalo wide outs to get to the edges in prevent defense that makes you wonder what was the plan in keeping the Jets on top throughout the end of the game.

Fitzpatrick himself missed a lot of locations on his throws, but then picked up the rhythm later and did better, which is important for his confidence and for his receivers today and in the future.  Besides the dropped passes, the wide receivers looked good, running decent patterns, back shoulder throws looked well rehearsed, deep posts and slants also looked good. They may have overused the four wide receiver sets, but with consistent running, it will be tough for  teams to counter consistently.  However, the receivers will need to continue to dominate and Fitzpatrick needs to be on target.  Matt Forte had 100 yards on the ground with 3 touchdowns, a great day for him, although it it was a bit confusing as to the lack of use of Bilal Powell, one of the Jets’ greatest weapons.

One thing that was lacking in the Jets offense even with the big day was a tight end.  They have a couple of good wide outs, but against better defenses, throwing down that field so much with Fitzpatrick’s talent will be the death of the Jets.  They also need a reliable short yardage gainer who can break some tackles.  The short passing games looks amateurish and needs a lot more practice, with or without a tight end.  Considering they have two high quality running backs, using them both in each play is a great idea as well.

Special teams operated above average again, and Nick Folk looked fine.  It looked like New York usually won the field position battle, and the kicking overall was above satisfactory.

The Jets took advantage of a poor defense today, much to the chagrin of ex-Jets head coach Rex Ryan, but failed to dominate the defensive side vs. an offense that still needs a lot of work through a young quarterback in Taylor.  Shutting their running game down, the Jets should have been able to put a lot more pressure even against a mobile quarterback, and it seemed like the defensive game plan was a bit lacking there to make up for our cornerback’s deficiencies.  Today this was a win, but again better teams, this spells a whole lot of trouble.