Many Jets fans were up in the clouds after the huge performance by offensive player of the week award winner Ryan Fitzpatrick last week versus Buffalo.  But because he has one great week does to mean he is the best ever.  On the flip side, if he has a bad one, he is not a bum. However this game against the Kansas City Chiefs was a disaster, against a playoff quality opponent with one of the top defenses in the league.

The offense just clicked last week, but there were still many weaknesses shown then and again this week that need some serious attention, and thew Jets did not get away with their mistakes today.  Fitzpatrick made many bad throws, but it seemed like some of those resulted from the fact that either they didn’t have a great practice or Ryan just didn’t make the right adjustments at the line.  He is an avg QB who will have ups and downs, but it would have helped more if the receivers were got more separation.  No quarterback in the history of the NFL had 300 yd passing games without the receivers getting consistent separation. Threading the needle only works a few times a game at the most… this is the NFL.  Try to make an average quarterback a Joe Montana all of a sudden and put the game on his shoulders, this is what happens. This can also be blamed on the coaching problems, total lack of adjustments from quarter to quarter.

Bilal Powell was the only bright spot, even though what he did was not impactful. He played with passion and energy and made some plays just like he always has.  Yes, he had a fumble, but 5 fumbles in 6 yrs as a Jet, and FIRST one lost, he should get a pass.  It is appalling how they don’t use him more out of the backfield, double with Forte, or more creative packages.

It looked like the offensive and defensive lines just decided to play a part time game today.  Effort was up and down all day, and the desire to win was not there.  This is on the coaches and players alike.  Couple this with more ineptitude in the red zone, that leads to low scoring, like the 3 points.  The 6 interceptions hurt yes, but only half of them were totally on bad throws by Fitzpatrick.  Regardless, a turnover is a turnover, with 2 additional lost fumbles, can be categorizes as a comedy of errors in the NFL.

The special teams was average to good again, although that fumble was a huge blow.  The kick coverage was good overall, but the Jets did not take more advantage of this today.

Bottom line, the coaching has to step up and get control of this team that has talent.  Everyone has talent in the NFL. If their goal is still a Super Bowl appearance, they need to have the best couple of weeks of practice coming up because it will be clear in 3 weeks what their chances at the championship really are. At least Bowles was able to admit it’s a coaching problem in his post game press conference.  We’ll see if he will actually do something about it.