The NY Jets’ lopsided losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks were not enough to give them a wake up call against a versatile Pittsburgh Steelers team as they got manhandled again, 31-13.  With this embarrassment, the Jets have solidified the fact that they are not championship material this year. Teams that have a chance to go deep in the playoffs do not lose this badly to the other contenders to go at 1-4 and come back and win a Super Bowl.  This game actually portrayed the prototypical examples of the Jets/ weaknesses all year.

• Quarterback – Ryan Fitzpatrick yet again proved that he is a below avg NFL quarterback, and only one of the small reasons why the Jets will not succeed this year.  He made some more bad throws today, but he also made some good ones, as usual. And again his INT’s didn’t show the whole story.  In actuality, his zero interceptions today was not strides better than his nine in the last two games.  He did raise his game a little but just because he got zero today doesn’t mean he’s greatly improved now. He is still the same below avg NFL QB.

• Running game – Fans love to put a heap on Fitzpatrick, but not the lack of a running game.  The numbers state that out inability to run is causing a pass-happy offense with a quarterback incapable of carrying a team on his back like Brady or Rogers.  Forte, 12 attempts for 53 yards and Powell, 4 attempts for 10 yards.  The Jets need better blocking, better schemes, and break some tackles.  Matt Forte is lacking some speed, acceleration and YAC, playing like he is hurt.  Powell is still impressive in his abilities but hard to make an impact when you touch the ball 5 times in a game.

• Defense – With hopes of improvement around the corner, today just proved how far off a championship defense the Jets have.  At certain points it looked like Ben Roethlisberger looked like he was just having his way with every drive.  There are way too many easy uncontested touchdowns allowed every week.  Championship teams do not allow 10-20 yards of separation for receptions, let alone TD’s.  Are their communications still not up to speed? Maybe still lack of innate talent?  And the line looks like they feel the ever increasing load on their shoulders and appear to be giving up.  The intensity we saw vs the Bengals is not there anymore.

• Special Teams – The promising execution from the first couple of weeks seems decades away now.  They really took a step down, and maybe they are giving up as well.

• Coaching – Bowels’ composure and attitude have been professional since the start of the season… you don’t win with just coaching emotion on the sidelines.  There are many incredible NFL/NBA/MLB coaches who act just like him and have won championships.  However, what is lacking is quality.  When a team consistently falls behind after the half, that usually means only one thing. In all sports, you don’t change drastically physically from minute to minute unless you inject yourselves with something. Coaching is what makes the biggest difference in the way players change the results of plays within the game. Bowles has now proven that he cannot compete with the big boys on a 60 minute basis.  Just to be clear, this is including the entirety of the coaching staff.

• Front Office – Who put the team in this position in the first place, with bad picks, lack of adjustments in hiring, not spending money wisely? Looking at draft picks and coaching staff, the inability to keep Belichik on the Jets, etc., the last 20 years? Pete Carroll also came through here and and left and is achieving massive success in Seattle.  The assessment of talent for any position has been abominable.

It seems major changes have to be made here, and it should start at the top, just like any organization. Although Woody hasn’t thrown one pass this season, every call, every move, every play is on him.  Either he should step aside or hire someone to help him run a proper NFL team.  He also should make a decision soon on whether to attempt to win out and make the playoffs and have a chance, even with someone like Eric Decker out for the season, or start playing the younger players like Bryce Petty and see what we can do to rebuild properly for the next two years and gain a better draft position.