The New York Jets ran into another playoff caliber team through one of the toughest opening schedules in the NFL this year, and instead of defending their pre-season confidence that they are a team ready to win now, this 28-3 drubbing courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals proved otherwise.  The pass defense was suspect again, the run defense, one of the elite in the league, also gave up some big runs to one of the NFL’s best running backs.  The offense, somewhat led by highly scrutinized Ryan Fitzpatrick, was once again anemic and although the Cardinals’ defense is one of the better ones, 16/31 for 174 yards, one interception and no touchdowns is troubling in any situation.  Matt Forte has 19 yards and Bilal Powell ran for 10.  The only interesting news was the fact that it got so bad, Geno Smith was called in late, and after a couple of completions, he also promptly threw an interception.

The Jets are not mathematically eliminated, however their chances to make the Super Bowl seems just about nil at this point.  Teams that perform like this when the competition gets rough do not win championships under any season.  They may still have a chance at the playoffs with a weaker back end of the season, but it seems at that point they are just playing for pride and lowering their draft position for next year.

So many problems have pervaded the Jets this season as well, that the quarterback situation cannot take all the blame.  Even the special teams have regressed more and more every week for some unexplainable reason.  The loss of Eric Decker seemed to derail the whole team as if they have just lost the desire to fight on a consistent basis.

Many fans are crying for Bryce Petty, our young second year quarterback who looks great on paper but he has been injured and have not gotten the reps needed to be NFL game ready, and he is behind Geno Smith in the depth chart, so there is no reason why he would be in the game.  Yes we have seen what Geno has to offer for two years, however many have stated he has improved and he has yet to show himself fully.  And it is a high probability that he will be starting next week, and then we will get the data.  Petty has not played again one real NFL game yet, so all the fans looking at the great college clips and pre-season performances should rein it in.  The team states he will started practicing full on in 1-2 weeks.

New York City… quarterback controversy… undeperforming team… unhappy fans… what else is new?