Playing the winless Cleveland Browns today finally starts the easier back end of the New York Jets schedule after a brutal first several games.  The Browns have played some close games, so they have not been altogether demolished in their season so far, but nevertheless, have no been able to pull out on victory.  This is supposed to be another measuring stick for both team to see where their future lies this season.  The close 31-28 win for the Jets signify that the Browns just cannot play ball or catch a break, and it shows the Jets can do just enough to beat a horrible team, but is still a far cry from being a playoff team if this is all they can do in Cleveland.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was the same quarterback who has been a below average NFL QB this whole season.  There were again too many late throws, missing easy target, but some good throws as well with some hard nosed play.  Recently he has gotten less unlucky now as far as INT’s and is taking care of the ball slightly better.

As far as the Jets WR/TE/RB, there have been too many drops on easy balls when we see opposing TE’s making diving catches. The Jets TE/RB in passing game appear to be useless, which negates a huge component that can help in today’s offensive NFL game.  At least the running backs Matt Forte and Bilal Powell did well, but the offensive line needs to block more consistently for them.  Powell has the best production per touch on the Jets, and yet he gets the least amount of touches.  Coaching incompetency or is he injured but still running so hard?

Special teams got a better, kicking more consistently today, but the Jets can use a great kick returner who can execute even just one big return per game.  Currently, there are no fearsome returners who the kicking team has to account for and plan around.  They don’t exists in droves, but the Jets needs all the help they can get and the special teams schemes are not doing the team any favors, so maybe superior talent will trump all.

The defensive line seems to now play whenever they feel like it.  There seems to be no consist effort play in and play out.  We all know their potential, but the score shows it all.  If the talent on that line plays hard every down, a team like the Browns with an uncertain quarterback situation themselves shout not be putting almost 30 on the board.

The defensive secondary also saw some improvements, but overall talent is really thin.  We need at least one more startting NFL corner, unlike Darrelle Revis, who is willing to tackle hard and keep up with the faster burners in the league.  Another coverage LB plus a fast hard hitting safety could add some attitude or swag to a team that should raise some pride in themselves.

Coaching seems to be making some adjustments, and looks better than last few weeks, but Chan Gailey has to get this offense better more quickly.  It seems like he is adding one play a week, with limited variety, as if he were coaching a high school team.  These are NFL professionals, practicing full time very week, they should be allowed to blossom and get things going and show something that can attack multiple styled defenses and score.

It seems like the plan is to still win as much as possible until the Jets are mathematically eliminated.  At the risk of dropping draft picks, there is a very small possibility the Jets will make the playoffs, but winning a Super Bowl this year seems nil.  After Miami next week, it should tell us more about the Jets intentions, direction, and of what mettle they are made.