Month: November 2016

NY Jets Fight Valiantly But Fall to New England Patriots 22-17

One of the more embarrassing things to happen to a professional football team is to be flexed out of a National TV spot and back into its “normal” Sunday schedule.  This is what happened to the NY Jets as they were scheduled to play the first place New England Patriots in that slot, but instead were replaced by what they deemed a more competitive game of the Denver Broncos vs the Kansas City Chiefs.  However, they were wrong as this game between two franchises going opposite ways somehow turned into a typical conference battle, but in the end the...

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Bryce Petty and the NY Jets Succumb to Los Angeles Rams 9-6

The Jets and Rams seasons have been anything but a fairy tale.  The meeting of these two teams signified two organizations headed the wrong direction, and one had to come out ahead, and that was the Rams.  Any injury to underwhelming Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick allowed the highly anticipated Bryce Petty to get a chance at the helm and hopefully become the catalyst Gang Green sorely needs.  However it wasn’t meant to be as he made some good throws but in the end, feebly went down scoring only 6 points for the offense. Here is a brief breakdown of...

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NY Jets Can’t Hold Off the Miami Dolphins 27-23

The New York Jets played a close one to the hapless Browns, get blown out by better teams, and now they lose to the Dolphins.  In all fairness, the Dolphins are playing better but the fact is they are no championship contenders.  It is about time the Jets move on from this huge disappointment of a season and start Petty for the rest of the season and see what they have for the 2017 draft. Aiming for “effort” and ending at 8-8 while earning the 20th pick in next year’s draft is basically showing that no one in the...

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