The New York Jets played a close one to the hapless Browns, get blown out by better teams, and now they lose to the Dolphins.  In all fairness, the Dolphins are playing better but the fact is they are no championship contenders.  It is about time the Jets move on from this huge disappointment of a season and start Petty for the rest of the season and see what they have for the 2017 draft. Aiming for “effort” and ending at 8-8 while earning the 20th pick in next year’s draft is basically showing that no one in the organization is making any effort to get the fans a Super Bowl in their lifetime.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, under much scrutiny this year and deservedly so after getting paid a hefty sum, had one of his worst games, if possible anymore, besides just 2 good throws to a couple o our young speedsters. One of his interceptions this game was the worst thrown this year, a true head shaker.  The offensive line contributed somewhat positively to today’s game, but Fitzpatrick held on too long for many plays, and caused more trouble than was needed.

In the running game:

Forte: 7.7 yds/carry
Team: 7.1 avg/carry

Ryan Tannehill: 5.3 yd avg/attempt

And the Jets were giving up less than 4 yds per carry to one of the leagues best rushers, and the Jets still come away with a loss.  Pretty incredible.  If this is how you lose games, even Vince or Bill himself might not be able to find a way to win one game.

The coaching still looks highly inconsistent and positive adjustments are few and far in between.  It looks like the staff is in more of a “learning” stage than even in an experimental stage.  There seems to be some frustration on both ends, the players and coaches, but ultimately it would be the coach’s job to clear that up.  Even the special teams looks like they need more practice or coaching.  Now they are incurring costly penalties, and then instead of picking each other up for mistakes like great teams do, they give up a touchdown on the very next play, which was a major contributor to the loss.

In the red zone, a nagging issue all seasons, the Jets run when they should pass, and vice versa.  Somehow we do not have a big receiver threat because Brandon Marshall looks like he is playing part time ball.  They have no tight end to even talk about, no open RB release from backfield even though we have two of the best who can catch and run, and adjustment to fix these issues are still lacking since week 1.

If the Jets are tanking they are actually doing a great job, but Bowles’ responses contradict that.  It has been heard that Bryce Petty is still way behind Fitzpatrick in being NFL ready, but the way things are going, it may not matter if he is ready or not, but will just have to see what he’s got so the team can plan properly for the future.