The Jets and Rams seasons have been anything but a fairy tale.  The meeting of these two teams signified two organizations headed the wrong direction, and one had to come out ahead, and that was the Rams.  Any injury to underwhelming Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick allowed the highly anticipated Bryce Petty to get a chance at the helm and hopefully become the catalyst Gang Green sorely needs.  However it wasn’t meant to be as he made some good throws but in the end, feebly went down scoring only 6 points for the offense.

Here is a brief breakdown of the game components:

His good throws were all within 10 yards. He also threw late or behind some, and he also underthrew a couple of receivers, much like Fitzpatrick has done all season. As an NFL QB, you are 100% expected to throw 10 yd passes accurately, that is no accolade.  Not impressive also were his progressions, but hard to blame him yet because of his lack of experience. We’ll see in the coming weeks for further grades.  He admitted himself in the post game interview that he missed some targets and also checked down to easier options when he could have been a bit more of a gun slinger.

A couple of decent calls notwithstanding, to handicap Bryce so much, while the Rams were creeping up closer and closer to cover those short passes and running every 1st down, the playbook looked like one from a College D3 team. A young QB like Bryce needs better guidance and confidence builders.  Instead they let him go down like a meek little dog.  Next time Bryce they should let Bryce let it fly everywhere and see what he is really capable of.  Chan Gailey has been accused of being conservative, predictable, and simple.  It’s possible he is not the right man to develop Petty’s career.

Getting worse and worse every game since week 1-2 when it was one of our strengths.  Whether it is the ST teams coach or the players, it is appalling how the organization can allow the ST to actually get worse as the weeks fly by.

Played decently, did what they were supposed to do, but did not show any championship level play.  In fact, most of their performance seemed more due to Rams’ incompetence.  Quite possibly giving them 9 points was too much.

Real stats:
Bilal, 9.25yd/rush
Matt 4.9yd/rush
(Rams = 3.7 avg)
And this results in a Jets loss.  It seems to defy all odds on how football is played.  Either the running game should be so dominant that you constantly run it down the opposing team’s throats, or you use it to execute some play action and effectively disguised screens.  A good running game is supposed to open up many more doors in the offense.  In this case, it seemed to be a sadly wasted component of the Jets arsenal.

The chances of the Jets’ winning a SB is near zero and declining quickly.  Making the playoffs is less than 10%.  Trying to win as many games as we can and move further down on the draft order is a pretty ludicrous game plan.  There should be a solid plan to use Petty the rest of the season to either develop him, or see what we have so we know whether to take Peppers or Jackson or trade down.  They have to do the right thing, build out of this aging team that was supposedly built to win now and rebuild for a chance to compete in a Super Bowl in the near future.