One of the more embarrassing things to happen to a professional football team is to be flexed out of a National TV spot and back into its “normal” Sunday schedule.  This is what happened to the NY Jets as they were scheduled to play the first place New England Patriots in that slot, but instead were replaced by what they deemed a more competitive game of the Denver Broncos vs the Kansas City Chiefs.  However, they were wrong as this game between two franchises going opposite ways somehow turned into a typical conference battle, but in the end the Patriots showed why they are on of the top 2 teams in the NFL and came out ahead 22-17.

Many Jets fans were pining for Bryce Petty, having given up on the season and knowing that statistically, Ryan Fitzpatrick is having one of the worst seasons ever.  However Coach Todd Bowles still seems to think that Ryan gives the Jets the best chance to win, but it is confusing as to win what?  Or more like lose out on more draft positions to rebuild for next year.  Fitzpatrick made some good throws and some bad ones today, but whether it is bad luck, bad line, or holding into the ball too long, the Jets lost any chance of coming back with another turnover in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.

The defense played pretty admirable versus one of the best offenses in the league, as Tom Brady is having another career season despite coming in to the year late due to the deflate gate suspension.  But the few weaknesses the Jets have, including what seemed like a impartial and unmotivated Darrell Revis who gave up critical points and also made an ill attempt at a tackle by throwing his shoulder at a runner and letting him by like a matador in the arena.  Whether is he injured or just doesn’t care, it should be assumed he will not be back next year, since even a safety surely need to tackle properly.

Rob Gronkowski left early in the game with seeming back problems, which may have hurt the Patriots offense overall, but they still executed just enough to win, nothing new there.  The Jets did not and still have a ways to go, and now even their special teams seem to be giving up compared to the early part of the season.  If Bowles can sense this at all, the team itself already knows it is going nowhere, and it won’t, this season anyway.  It is time to start planning for next season and to have a mature and intelligent conversation with Woody Johnson and Mike Maccagnan to ensure the Jets do not continue this mediocrity for decades again.