If you are a Yankee fan, a Didi Gregorius fan, and a Twitter user, then you already know that Sir Didi (@DidiG18) posts a unique emoji after every celebratory tweet to indicate a teammate’s achievement.  For example, a recent tweet extols a 900 ft (slight exaggeration) Aaron Judge homer, a Starlin Castro homer and a Gary Sanchez 3-run homer:

Fans love his tweets almost as much as they love his stats:  .321/.342/.842.

However, fans would never know when Didi homers or gets a game winning hit because he has no emoji of his own.  He only tweets to shout out what others contributed to the win.

Its the Yankee way, that self-deprecating, team first attitude and Didi embodies it fully.  Today, the New York Yankees official Twitter page asked fans to choose among emojis for one to represent Sir Didi.  What could be more fitting than the crossed swords for this true knight, warrior and Yankee?

Which emoji do you think should represent Sir Didi?