We wonder if the fans of baseball realize the supreme talent of Aaron Judge. Forget the triple crown possibility with home runs, RBI and batting average, that’s nothing to him. For anyone who’s played baseball out of the Little League levels, “routine” is one of the most precious components to any professional hitter.  This is also true in all sports… golf, basketball, football, billiards, etc….

Here, Brent Suter was rushing hitters and getting set quickly, so Aaron calls an audible, and decides to not walk out of the batters box, NOR take any time to reset himself after the first few pitches.


Brent is not a flame thrower, but he’s been a pretty good pitcher this season.  He has a 2.96 ERA and is getting 8.23 K/9. This feat by Judge, treating an actual valuable MLB game like batting practice, is ridiculous to even think about. He solidified his mettle but actually drawing a walk from the initial perpetrator of the shenanigans.  To have the confidence to basically “fool around” in a winnable, close game and not fail by an embarrassing strikeout says more about this young man than even his 30 home runs.

To those unbeknownst writers who say “this is how baseball should be played, with speed”… They should go out there for one game where they are responsible for the team’s winning or losing and let’s see if they can do this. Hitters don’t reset and take their time because they pine to go home or to their hotel rooms at 2am. It’s because hitting a baseball is so hard and can be so dangerous, they need to reset their minds to their professional hitting mode.  Yes we would all like to have a game in about one hour, but that is not realistic within the realm of true MLB baseball.

In every sport there is always that athlete who transcends the game with special moments that make the headlines. To the fans in the know, these moments truly showcase how far ahead of the learning curve this slugger is than most. For someone to change their routine on a dime and succeed is indeed, Judgian. True this was only a walk, and had it been a homerun, the lore would have been stronger and could have been compared to a few other moments in sports:

  • Michael Jordan making a free throw with his eyes closed
  • Roger Federer hitting a clean winner between the legs vs Novak Djokovic
  • Barry Sanders making fools out of NFL defenders
  • Wayne Gretzky’s divine move to a goal
  • Tiger Woods ridiculous chip hole out in the Masters

The future looks amazingly bright for this special breakout player.