The NY Jets come into the 2017 season with low expectations, with rumors of tanking for a top QB prospect in the 2018 draft, labeling this more officially, and politically, as a rebuilding year.  However, as expected by some, the defense came to play and stifled the Tennessee Titans and Marcus Mariota.  The duo of Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye is the real thing.  While they didn’t show up in the box score to a tremendous degree, they quietly limited Marcus Mariota for the entirety of his time on the field. So much of what a safety does rarely shows up in the box score. A smart and athletic safety takes away parts of the field that aren’t shown on the television screen.

Josh McCown only played one drive, the first, and drove the offense down easily for a touchdown to Charone Peake.  It is becoming more apparent why he is fast becoming the #1 QB for the Jets despite the rumblings and grumblings of fans.  He may not be a Pro Bowler, but he had great command of the offense and had a couple of great throws as well, like the bomb to Robbie Anderson to set up the TD.  He was 3/4 for 72 yards.

Second year QB Christian Hackenberg got his chance in this game by getting the most reps of all 3 quarterbacks.  He made some accurate throws, mostly check downs and short passes off to the side, but also a couple into the middle of the field and sideline routes.  He looked sharp in most, and had good command of the line and looked poised as well as comfortable.  He ended up at 18/25 for 127 yards and no interceptions. This is the most we have seen from Hackenberg in a game, but the playbook was not totally opened for him. At times he showed some progression and other times struggled to keep drives going.

Bryce Petty did not do as well and seemed to labor to get into the pace of the game.  He threw for 16 yards at a 2/6 percentage.  Petty looks to be at the bottom of the order and did little to change that on Saturday. We will see if he gets more of a chance down the road this preseason. It seems the order for now is set for McCown to start but with Hackenberg close behind to take over within this season, and Petty will be an afterthought soon.