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Yankees Aaron Judge vs Brewers Brent Suter – Speed Baseball

We wonder if the fans of baseball realize the supreme talent of Aaron Judge. Forget the triple crown possibility with home runs, RBI and batting average, that’s nothing to him. For anyone who’s played baseball out of the Little League levels, “routine” is one of the most precious components to any professional hitter.  This is also true in all sports… golf, basketball, football, billiards, etc…. Here, Brent Suter was rushing hitters and getting set quickly, so Aaron calls an audible, and decides to not walk out of the batters box, NOR take any time to reset himself after the...

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Yankees Aaron Judge: Should Your Best Hitter Hit Second in the Lineup?

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has been receiving a lot of heat for placing Yankees hard hitting outfielder Aaron Judge in the number 2 spot in the lineup.  Traditionally, the second hitter in the lineup has been a good contact hitter, someone who either bunts well and/or gets on base, with less power.  Willie Randolph was one of the Yankees’ longest tenured #2 hitters and he was a prototypical example.  He hit after great players like Rickey Henderson and before Don Mattingly.  Compared to Randolph, it seems extremely out of place to put someone with stats like Judge into the...

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor (August 26, 2017) – Fight Will Be Closer Than You Think

The juggernaut fight everyone wants to see is finally happening, no more talk.  Superstars in their respective sports, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are set to rumble in the battle of the century on August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where else? Almost everyone has stated Floyd is the clear favorite and “will not lose.”  The Vegas odds currently show (-1100) for Floyd and (+700) for Conor.  This means you would bet $1100 to only win $100 for Floyd, or you would bet $100 to win $700 for Conor.  Thus Conor is more of the long shot and Floyd is the favorite.  ...

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Mel Kiper & Todd McShay 2017 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

Long time NFL draft analysts Mel Kiper and Todd McShay released their 2017 NFL Draft version 4.0. Their Top 10: Mel Kiper: Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett (DE) San Francisco 49ers – Solomon Thomas (DE) Chicago Bears – Jonathan Allen (DT) Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette (RB) Tennessee Titans – Malik Hooker (S) NY Jets – Jamal Adams (S) San Diego Chargers – Deshaun Watson (QB) Carolina Panthers – Derek Barnett (DE) Cincinnati Bengals – Corey Davis (WR) Buffalo Bills – Marshon Lattimore (CB) Todd McShay: Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett (DE) San Francisco 49ers – Solomon Thomas (DE) Chicago...

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Mel Kiper’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 Picks and Analysis

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper released his 2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0.  The major changes included dropping down the 2 top college QB prospects Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson from the early few picks to #12 (Cleveland Browns) and #13 (Arizona Cardinals).  The top is heavy with defense and Alabama TE O.J. Howard moves up again to the N.Y. Jets at #6 as one of the most solid prospects in 2017.  His 40yd combine time of 4.51 (low time of 4.45) and a height of 6’6″ with good hands makes him an almost can’t miss prospect in the eyes of...

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