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NY Jets Suffers Another Demolition by the Miami Dolphins 34-13

The New York Jets secondary illustrated its Swiss cheese defense yet again as backup quarterback Matt Moore ripped them to shreds, throwing for 236 yards on 12/18 (67%) and 4 touchdowns.  The Jets solid defensive line held Jay Ajayi to only 51 yards but the damage was already done.  2nd year quarterback Bryce Petty played well at times but could not keep up as he threw 20/36 for 235 yards, one touchdown and 2 interceptions.  He was nailed hard by Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh and had to leave the game as Ryan Fitzpatrick came back in and finished up...

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NY Jets Pull Through in OT Over the San Francisco 49ers 23-17

Just when Jets fans thought their team was planning on losing out and playing for a high draft pick over wins, the NY Jets showed a lot of heart Sunday afternoon as Bilal Powell, replacing an injured Matt Forte, had his career game and Bryce Petty in his second NFL start, held his composure and led a comeback win in overtime versus the San Francisco 49ers who are stuck at one win for the season. Powell, who has been showing potential all week with his average yards per touch and hard nosed running and competent blocking, broke out today...

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The Jets Era with Fitzpatrick is Over, a New One with Petty Has Begun

Todd Bowles officially announced that Fitzpatrick will no longer start for the Jets this season, and that Bryce Petty will be the man for the next four games.  Many will state that this has come way too late in the season, but it is still better late than never.  Ryan looked disinterested and the whole team showed a lack of effort in the thumping received by the hands of the Colts 41-10 on national TV on Monday night, the biggest stage of NFL football every week. After a ill-thrown interception by Fitzpatrick in the 2nd quarter, Petty looked like he was alerted that he will be going in and he did.  He finished 11/25 for 135 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  He showed he could make some really nice and crisp throws on target, and then he showed that when things are not perfect, he throws some random balls and his accuracy can be off.  No one excepts him to be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady in 2 games, and yes, that is what we have to understand.  He has played in less than 2 NFL games.  To judge or rate him as an NFL quarterback today would be absolutely ludicrous.  Even the most experienced professionals in this business would say you need at least a dozen quality NFL starts in a row to judge any quarterback, and...

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NY Jets Feeble vs Indianapolis Colts 41-10 May Finally Signify Tanking for 2016

It is clear that the NY Jets are not headed in the direction of what their preseason #10 power ranking suggested.  Coming off a concussion protocol, Andrew luck diced through the Jets porous defenses to go 22/28, 278 yards and 4 TD’s enroute to a 41-10 trouncing of the hapless home team at MetLife. If the defense weren’t bad enough, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense could not keep pace, as he went 5/12 for 81 yards and an interception that was the perfect ending to his season.  No he did not get injured, he was simply replaced by Bryce...

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Ryan Lochte and Marketing VP Natalyn Lewis Join in FireFan Cowboys vs Vikings Thursday Night Game

In a brand new mobile app filled with unlimited potential and numerous worldwide celebrities, one premiere Olympic USA athlete joined FireFan during the Thursday night NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings where the Cowboys came out ahead in a nail biter 17-15.  Almost one thousand players joined 12 time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte’s FireFan League to make predictions on the outcomes of the game being played at U.S. Bank Stadium.  To sweeten the pot, VP of marketing and the face of the development company United Games, Natalyn Lewis, also joined in on the fun. Lochte is...

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